DHO, the dark horse of digital currency, broke 20 billion yuan in market value in a week

DHO(DAO Hyperledger Omniverse) has joined crypto market on Sunday (June 5). Its token logo features with green 3D alphabets D, H, and O, which means the combination of DAO+Metaverse.


After listing on CoinUp Exchange for just 24 hours, DHO has seen its coin value rise as much as 2110.5%, far beyond mainstream coins such as BTC and ETH, making it the unexpected winner in the crypto market this week.


DHO bears comparison with a rising star in the midst of the winter on crypto market, and has built a all-around eco-system in Web3.0, with a deep lay-out in applications such as Metaverse, NFT and GameFi. DHO is now one of the largest cryptocurrencies in the world with a total market cap of around 20 billion USDT. It is now ranked #1 on new coin list on CoinUp Exchange.


The most important feature of DHO is the unique meta ecosystem. DHO has introduced the architecture of DAO into DHO community in the metaverse, DHO aims to create a three-tier ecological mechanism, which bears resemblance to a solid triangle that supports the DHO Community for is complementary and interlocking development.

画板 1

DHO has set up a unique reputation token mechanism, which is a set of contribution criteria based on which reputation metrics are created. Community members can earn their Reputation Tokens (NFTs) by crowd funding, voting, providing research reports, and completing tasks. Members can exercise corresponding rights that match their reputation metrics.


Under the governance principles based on Reputation Tokens, DHO creates a Community Token Mechanism based on ERC20 protocol to create DHO economic model, called Community Tokens, which have been issued in the amount of 200,000,000.


Based on this economic model, DHO has established an NFT mechanism to facilitate the circulation of DHO Token, where each community builder will be distributed an NFT in the future.


DHO prospects to be the organization that helps people in the real world connect to the metaverse and unleashs the creativity of the metaverse by developing quantum computing tools, integrating virtual land and NFT, and creating a hyper ledger. In the world built by DHO, rights of the people, for the people, and members of DHO community in the metaverse will be empowered by the democratic self-governing philosophy of DAO.


Official Website: www.DHOup.io




White Paper Download:http://down.dhoup.io/paper/dho.pdf

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